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Our product line includes nitrile exam gloves, surgical masks, N95 respirators, booties, and more! By choosing medava®, you not only support American jobs and manufacturers, but you also actively contribute to the Buy America Act initiative. As proud advocates of this act, we ensure that our products meet the strict standards set forth, promoting domestic manufacturing and strengthening our nation’s economy.

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A Veteran-Owned Enterprise

Our Profound Mission

Medava® is a distinguished Veteran-owned enterprise with a profound mission at its core. Founded with a strong sense of purpose, our inspiration stemmed from the founder’s daughter, Ava. Our vision was to establish a brand that not only embodies our values but also contributes to a larger cause. Today, medava® stands as a symbol of unwavering trust, exceptional quality, and a steadfast commitment to the community we serve.

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Supporting Americans

Strengthening Our Economy

At medava®, we are committed to more than just providing top-notch personal protective equipment (PPE). Our brand is a testament to supporting Americans and fortifying our economy by partnering with domestic manufacturers. By choosing medava®, you not only ensure the safety of your community but also actively contribute to American businesses and the growth of our nation’s workforce.